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The Pink House

The Pink House

Plum Island Pink House. 


This house on Plum Island is Iconic. Many artists have photographed it, Painted it, Drew it, etc. Sadly, it is left there to rot as it is a federally owned piece of property. No one is allowed to restore it. So, if you purchase my Pink House Print, 20% of the proceeds go to saving the Pink House. 


Save the Pink House!

  • HD Metal Prints

    HD Metal Prints look best with our prints. The photograph is heat infused onto a sheet of aluminum making it scratch, water, and UV resistant. It comes with a wall mount on the back so there is not need to frame it. 


Summer 2024

  • Artwork inspired by Maui, Hawaii, Virginia, and Nature
  • Maui and Virginia inspired Art by Emily Farewell
  • Maui, Hawaii, and Virginia inspired acrylic and watercolor artwork by Emily Farewell

E . Farewell Artistic's

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