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We made it Kauai! 


Hiked the Napali Coast, at least the first 2 miles of it. Crossed over a stream into a small beach area with this as the view! Absolutely stunning! I was loving it all! We ate lunch and soaked our sore feet in the cool stream before I captured this image. Was a perfect day!


Image by Emily Farewell.


Watermark will not be included in the print! 

  • HD Metal Print

    HD Metal Prints look best with our prints. The photograph is heat infused onto a sheet of aluminum making it scratch, water, and UV resistant. It comes with a wall mount on the back so it is ready to hang!

  • Artwork inspired by Maui, Hawaii, Virginia, and Nature
  • Maui and Virginia inspired Art by Emily Farewell
  • Maui, Hawaii, and Virginia inspired acrylic and watercolor artwork by Emily Farewell

E . Farewell Artistic's

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