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Guidance Limited Edition Acrylic Fine Art Print
  • Guidance Limited Edition Acrylic Fine Art Print

    Finished!! This original acrylic painting was done on a 12x24 Wood panel. The sides have been painted with ultramarine blue to make it pop. This was a challenging painting for me. I usually try to get a painting done really fast. Didn’t focus much on the details. This past year I have been taking it much slower. Taking my time and planning out the painting. The colors, the shadows, the details. I am very proud of myself and how much I have learned. I have an incredible partner who helped me realize the importance of details. 💜 He is also amazing with frame making for my artwork too. The thought process behind this painting was fun. A friend put it in my head to paint another octopus. I painted one a while ago, but it was like a kid painting. I wanted this one to have depth. The Hawaiian Hokule'a canoe is being tossed around in a stormy sea while the He’e Makoko (Night Octopus) is guiding the boat to safety. Souls are said to transfer it animals such as the Pueo Owl, He’e Makoko, Turtles, and Dolphins. Mahalo!


    Original has been sold. 


    This Gilcee Print is part of a limited edition series. There are only 50 available. Each one is signed and numbered and hand embellished to make each one unique. 


    Packaged and Shipped with love. <3

      • Artwork inspired by Maui, Hawaii, Virginia, and Nature
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