Snorkeling Mama's Print
  • Snorkeling Mama's Print

    Snorkeling Mama's


    This painting was done with only Watercolor.

     I took a photograph of my boyfriend snorkeling under the water

    and knew I had to paint it! It is almost as if he is inviting you to join.   

    I have lived here on Maui for two years and 

    never get bored of the beauty of it all. 

    The early morning sunrise. 

    The Giant Mountains.

    The expanse of the ocean. 

    The colors of all the nature. 

     I just became Scuba Certified this past year. 

    So excited and cannot wait to Scuba Dive more. 

    The ocean and its wonders intrigue me. Inspire me. 


    This is a limited edition print. Only 100 will be printed. After the prints are sold they will not be reproduced. The prints are done on 8x10 Fine Art Matte Paper. Numbered and signed.