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Oahu Silhouette Watercolor

Oahu Silhouette Watercolor

Oahu Silhouette. 

I enjoyed spending a few days in Oahu. I went there to get inspiration for this painting. North Shore Oahu was my favorite. So quaint and relaxing. 


Original Painting was painted with handmade paints from a small business in Georgia. Itis 8x10 on cold press watercolor paper.


Thank you for supporting my small business. With your support, it allows me to keep creating and in exchange, you get a piece of art. 


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I am open for comissions. If you would like a personal painting for yourself or as a gift for a friend, send me an email with the details. Pet portrait, your favorite animal, people portraits, you name it I can paint it. 

    $1,235.00 Regular Price
    $864.50Sale Price

    Summer 2024

    • Artwork inspired by Maui, Hawaii, Virginia, and Nature
    • Maui and Virginia inspired Art by Emily Farewell
    • Maui, Hawaii, and Virginia inspired acrylic and watercolor artwork by Emily Farewell

    E . Farewell Artistic's

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