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Kauai Silhouette Sticker

Kauai Silhouette Sticker

Kauai is a most magical Island in Hawaii. I loved visiting there years ago. It was calming. When I think of Kauai I think of lovers. It is the Garden Isle, so I knew I had to incorporate plants especially Taro leaves. I also included the Mokihana Lei. The plant is grown only on Mount Waialeale in Kauaiawhich is the wettest place on earth. 


Original was done with Watercolors. 


Stickers are printed on Matte Vinyl. They are waterproof and UV resistant. 

    $2.50 Regular Price
    $1.75Sale Price

    Summer 2024

    • Artwork inspired by Maui, Hawaii, Virginia, and Nature
    • Maui and Virginia inspired Art by Emily Farewell
    • Maui, Hawaii, and Virginia inspired acrylic and watercolor artwork by Emily Farewell

    E . Farewell Artistic's

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