Hoa o ke Koa
  • Hoa o ke Koa



    My name is Emily Farewell. I am a watercolorist who resides in Paia, Maui. This watercolor painting was done as part of the Mālama Wao Akua at the Hui here in Maui. I had to paint an endemic species of hawaii. I chose the Kamehameha Butterfly and the Koa Tree. They are good friends. The Kamehameha's favorite snack is the sap from the Koa Tree. Butterflies are very special to me. I used to sit in the back yard and let the butterflies land on me. Loved every minute of it. Magical. I named it "Hoa o ke Koa". Friend of a Warrior. The Word Koa means Warrior and the Koa Warriors fashioned their weapons from Koa wood. 


    I have 40 limited edition prints of this watercolor painting. Signed and numbered by myself. The prints are 8x10 and can be custom matted and framed in Koa Wood by myself and my boyfriend Evan Norton. Makes it a complete work of art for your walls. Once these prints are gone, there will be no more reproductions. 


    The original has been sold. 


    Shipping included in price.