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Process of my Jungle Dreams Acrylic Painting

Hana. A place for healing. A place I go for inspiration. My place of peace. I just love floating in the cool waters listening to the sound of waterfalls. In 2018, I came up with a concept for a painting that was inspired by Hana, Maui Hawaii.

I knew I wanted jungle, eucalyptus, butterflies, hibiscus, and little creatures hidden within the painting. I got to work at the Kalama Village in Kihei where I was selling my artwork a few days a week in my friends shop.

Jungle Dreams Work in Progress Acrylic painting by Emily Farewell
Painting Jungle Dreams with Acrylic

Acrylic paint was my go to medium for this painting as I wanted it bold, colorful, and almost 3D. I sketched out on the canvas first, grounded the canvas with burnt Sienna and water, and got to painting. I am not sure how many layers it took to complete the painting, but it took me around 25 hours to complete. As I worked on the painting, it almost seemed to have a mind of its own. A gecko decided it wanted to hide under a leaf. A praying mantis was curious as to what was going on posing on a monstera. Mushrooms peaked out from beneath the jungle foliage. I just love it when the painting almost paints itself. This painting is a fan favorite as the butterflies literally seem as if they are flying off the canvas. I had limited edition prints made by a local business in Lahaina, Maui. He was able to print the butterflies embossed, so the butterflies were truly 3D. I have 25 limited edition prints available to purchase and I hand embellish each one to make them unique. I can also personalize the embellishment for you. Just send me a text of email of what you are thinking. The original is available as well and is not varnished so I can tweak it a little if you desire. Hope you are enjoying my art world.

An acrylic painting of butterflies and tropical flowers with mushrooms, a gecko, and a praying mantis. Painting inspired by The Road to Hana in Maui Hawaii and printed by artist, Emily Farewell
Jungle Dreams Original Acrylic Painting by Emily Farewell

Acrylic Painting of butterflies in a jungle with tropical flowers, a gecko, a praying mantis, and mushrooms. Inspired by the Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii
Jungle Dreams Original Acrylic Painting

Limited Edition Print of Jungle Dreams inspired by the Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii. Painting is done with acrylic with butterflies in the jungle.
Emily Farewell with her Jungle Dreams Print

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